Money Shouldn’t Prevent You From Changing the World

Uniting Fundraising + Marketing to Create Sustainable Growth for Nonprofits

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Is Your Fundraising at a Standstill?

Throwing fundraising tactics at a wall and waiting to see what sticks for your organization?
Feel like everyone else has some secret formula to fundraising that you can’t seem to crack?
Wake up in the middle of the night, anxious about whether the next grant is going to come through or if your event is going to be a success?

With limited financial resources and even more limited time, you need to be certain that your nonprofit quickly ends up on the path to sustainable growth.

We'll Help You Grow

What you need is a team of experts who have sat in your seat and cracked the code on consistently growing nonprofit revenue, year after year. Like any high functioning business, your nonprofit needs a comprehensive marketing strategy that supports a strategic development plan created especially for your organization and your donors. You see, marketing and fundraising are interdependent. They are like the two engines on an airplane. Sure - you can run on one for a while, but for the long flight, you need both running well to be sustainable.

Money should not be what stops you from changing the world. There is plenty of it out there and all you need is to learn how to inspire people to invest in your vision.

It’s impossible to be an Executive Director, leading your organization into the future, while also being a full-time Development Director. We get it. As nonprofit Founders and Executive Directors ourselves, we have quite literally been in your shoes.

That’s why Broad Oaks Consulting and Solace Media have partnered to bring small to midsize nonprofits an affordable solution. Laying a Foundation for Growth is a revolutionary program that strategically unites fundraising and marketing to help you grow and diversify your revenue streams.
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Designed to be an Affordable Solution for Small to Mid-Size Nonprofits

You are not made of time or money. We get it. That's why we have carefully curated the Laying a Foundation for Growth program to give you the tools you need to be successful in just 6 months, ensuring you spend no more than 2-3 hours a week on deliverables and coaching. Here's what you get:
Nonprofit Assessment
Through a combination of surveys and one-on-one interviews, we deliver a customized assessment that will give you recommended actions to grow.
Development Plan
We create a 12 month Development Plan, tailored to your organization's capabilities, that will help guide your fundraising activities.
One-On-One Coaching
Through one-on-one coaching, your projects will give you step by step instructions to implement your new Development Plan.
Online Course Curriculum
Our on-demand training videos are available for life to your whole team and help you learn new skills on your own time. Preview course topics here.
Clarified Story
Story is the most powerful way to compel the human brain. Through our scripting process, you will receive a clarified story to use throughout your donor communications.
A New Website
You get a fully customized new website that will bring you credibility, use your story most effectively, and help you fundraise with confidence.

Our Team

We love meeting people who want to make a difference and can't wait to get to know you!
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Here's How it Works

Step 1
Schedule a Consultation
Sign up for your free session here. In 1 hour, we will conduct a mini assessment and make a recommendation of your development needs.
Step 2
Get Trained
Over 6 months, through virtual training and private coaching, you’ll learn the skills and gain access to tools you and your board need become confident fundraisers
Step 3
Fundraise with Confidence
With an Assessment Report, a Development Plan, and new powerful marketing collateral, you will be able to confidently ask for the money your mission deserves.
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How We've Helped Others Grow


  • After several years of trying to grow our revenue on our own, we knew we needed help if we were ever going to get to the next level. We engaged with Broad Oaks Consulting, followed the plan, and in the first 2 years, after completing ‘Laying a Foundation for Growth’, saw double digit growth in our fundraising efforts year over year. Now we have a plan that is manageable and scalable, giving us confidence in our ability to continue serving our community.
    Sasha Camacho
    ED – Soléana Stables
    Soléana Stables
  • Angela’s background in finance and development helped craft a strategic donor, alumni, and volunteer engagement strategy with the Bauer College of Business at a critical time of change for the college. Her work with a new dean and young development team helped shape strategy for years to come.
    Russell Dunlavy
    Associate Vice President, University Development - University of Houston
  • We saw a need for us to show a fresh perspective of our work and increase awareness of our mission and our goals. Through the videos Solace Media created, we were able to educate the public on our perspective. We gained a tremendous Return on our Investment by working with Solace Media. It happened immediately and has had sustained benefits.
    Sean Singh
    Senior Vice President, Marketing and Operations - Hemophilia Alliance

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